Once you understand the advantages of bad credit loans you might think that you would like to have some. However, you could find that you will end up wondering whether you can actually get the loans. Most lenders do have strict criteria as to who they will lend to and this could mean that you will feel that you may not be able to get a bad credit loan. There are certain factors you might be particularly worried about such as credit score and income but there are lots of reasons why these may not be as much of a problem than you might think.

Credit score

Your credit score is the thing that most lenders want to check. In fact, in the UK, it is a legal requirement that they check your credit score. If your credit score is not that good, you may feel that you will not be able to get any loan at all. The good thing about a bad credit loan, is that it is available to those with a poor credit score. The credit check is just a legal look at your situation but it will not mean that you will be turned down for the loan based on it. In fact the credit rating is not considered at all.

After this, you may wonder whether you will get turned down because your credit score is too good. You may feel that these loans are just for those people with a bad credit score and that your might be too good to be considered. However, as mentioned above, your credit rating is not looked at. So, whether you have a good or bad credit score it will not matter and you will be considered in the same way as any other applicant.


With some lenders you have to have a decent income to get a loan. Some will check your income levels to make sure that you have enough to repay the loan. A bad credit lender will not do this. They will need you to have an income, so that they can set up a repayment on the day that you get paid. However, how much that income is and where it comes from does not matter with a bad credit loan. This means that it could be benefits, pension or some other income which is not normally considered to be good enough for repaying a loan.

It is important for you to check though and make sure that you feel your income will be enough to repay the loan. It is well worth finding out how much the loan will cost to repay and when you will be expected to repay it. Then you will be able to work out whether you will be able to afford it. You will need to think about, not only how much money you have coming in, but also what you need to buy, so that you can decide whether you will have enough money left to be able to afford it all.

Other factors

There are a few constraints for borrowers though and it is worth being aware of these although they are unlikely to be a problem for most potential borrowers. All borrowers have to be over the age of 18 and this is a legal requirement so there is nothing that any lender can do to change this. All borrowers have to be a UK resident as well, this is because they have to provide ID to prove their address and is also a legal requirement. You will need a bank account, so that there is somewhere for the lender to pay your money into. It will also be used to set up a direct debit for the repayment of the loan. Most people have an account so this will be easy enough to fulfil. Even if they have no account it is easy to set one up. Lastly, the person needs a regular income. This might seem harder, but actually it is simpler than it might seem. This does not have to be a salary but can be an income from benefits, pensions, investments or anything like that. They just need to be paid on a specific day so that the repayment can be set up for that day.

So, as you can see, almost anyone would be able to get a bad credit loan. There are very few restrictions and therefore it can be straightforward to get one. This can mean that you might find it a lot easier than you think to get one. It is good to keep this in mind because if you are in the situation where you need a loan quickly or you do have a poor credit report then knowing about these loans could be very handy if you do need money.